Today was a great day!!!

I’m feeling good today woke up with a new attitude and I am ready to finish this up with out any more poor me’s. I haven’t really had to much pain  and i am so grateful for that, i have only taken pain pills on the days i fell. I do experience pain on my busy days, but i rather be a little uncomfortable then take the pain medication. So this up coming Tuesday i have finals(thank goodness)  and a Dr. appointment  if all goes well i should only have 1 week of turning left and then 4 to 6 weeks with just the fixator while we wait for the bone growth. I’m so happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I will be posting some updated pictures soon.

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It has been a rough couple of weeks

Well it has been nearly 3 weeks since my last post im so sorry it has taken so long. My husband had to go back to camp Pendleton on the 14th, I really had know  idea how hard this was going to be for me. Going into this surgery  I truly thought I would be walking right away and would need little to no help, boy was I wrong. I’m still not walking and I am in constant need of help with my children (I hate this im used to doing everything myself). I go to school on Mondays and Tuesdays, this is not a fun thing for me I actually find it quite miserable my poor foot is so swollen and throbbing by Tuesday night.  To add to everything I have taken three  falls in the last few weeks while  trying to do everyday things like taking care of my two toddlers.  Ok enough complaining, on a good note at my last appointment I was showing 10.5 mm of length!! this is a big deal for me I have 8mm to go! I’m also showing bone growth which is great news.  I know this is all worth it im so excited to be making progress and am looking forward to the day it is all over. My advice to anyone thinking about having this surgery is to make sure you have lots of help especially if you have little ones at home.  But don’t let all my whining get to you I would do this again in a heart beat I would just be a little more prepared. 🙂

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Well over all today has been great I haven’t  had to take any pain medicine whooohooo that’s super exciting. But even though today has been physically an awesome day emotionally i feel so discouraged. I’m really realizing how long the road ahead is, I really wish I was closer to the finish line. I have two beautiful children a 4yr old daughter and a 2yr old son I so badly want to play around with them without being paranoid about my foo,t or gosh how I would love to just be able to pick them up and carry them around.  I am really anxious to go back to normal life and I’m only 9 days into this 80 something day journey, this makes me nervous i better find a change of attitude and find it fast. Sorry for all the poor me’s tomorrow will be much better im sure. my sister did bring a smile to my face today she wrapped my foot up like a fun gift here is a pic  I hope it makes you smile too.Image

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Today is day 8

Wow, I cant believe it has been eight days since I had surgery. I’m so glad the time seems to be going fast. The first 4 days after surgery seemed to be the worst for me.  I  was in a lot of pain to be honest more pain then I had expected, I  wasn’t sure if this was going to be worth it, but each day seems to come with a little less pain and day 6 came with a new positive attitude.  It was the first day of distracting I was so excited to get this process started. I was at first nervous that there would be pain but I felt nothing it was 100% painless:) I do seem to have some faint aching feeling around the fixator shortly after but not anything I can’t handle. I’m already anxious to start walking my Dr. is pro weight bearing so he has me putting a little weight on my heel now, and I’m working towards being able to put weight on my whole foot. I’m just not ready for that yet.  here are some pictures



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hello everyone

I have decided to share my journey through brachymetatarsia surgery. I will start from the beginning. I began to notice my little toe around age 10 (I’m 27 now) and by the time I was 12 my 4th toe on my left foot was a little shorter then my pinkie toe, and floated up. I used to lay in bed at night and pray for my foot to be normal, but in the morning when I flung back the blankets to check there was my littlest toe just as little as before. so that marked the beginning of constant hiding, always wearing socks, missing out on activities that would possibly show my toe. It quickly became my secret shame. My husband didn’t even know about my toe until 5 months after we were married; it is amazing how something so little can make such a huge impact in your life. So going all these years thinking I was the only person on the face of this earth with this deformity, my sister calls me a year ago and says “guess what I saw someone with a toe just like yours”  I about fell over. So i decide to google little 4th toe and I stumbled across some toes just like mine. That’s when I found that there is a name for it brachymetatarsia.  Fast forward to April 2012  I found out my insurance will cover 100% of the surgery, and I just had the surgery June 29th 2012 today marks one week since my surgery, and day one of turning the fixator. My journey is just beginning and  I am hoping that I can help shine a little light on our oh so little brachy toes.  I will be posting tomorrow more details on my surgery, pain, recovery, distraction of the fixator, and of course pictures.

Thank you for reading

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